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What is the platform - Ek Kahani, all about?

Ek Kahani - is about you, is about your development, both in the skill-dimension and spiritual-dimension. Spiritual-Dimension? Yes you might be thinking that what Ek-Kahani has to do with the Spiritual Dimension. Yes, our SQ (spiritual quotient) extensively affects our oratory skills. Life is after all not a straight life. Life is much deeper than we can probably think.

Ek Kahani of course a story telling platform, yet it will take you deep into many dimensions of life and you will amazed to see that although you came to hone your skills may be, but after a certain point of time, you will be a changed person.

Not only that, we have city, state and national level competition and the evaluation by the judges will be done with one of the most evolved and scientific to the modern era. Ek Kahani is a global platform where you become a teacher (evolved from a participant) and then speak the sacred knowledge and skill, which is much more than just - a stage fear or fluency in speaking.

Ek Kahani is an attempt to explore the limitless possibilities of life. The possibilities, which were real, when we were a child! When we had the spark, still twinkling across our eyes. It is also about igniting the passion which is still within but somehow we believed that it is no more alive, it is no more possible!

Ek Kahani is all about liberating our passions, hobbies, dreams, aspirations, ambitions, which are deep within us and not artificially created by the materialistic society. Nor by the norms or by the rules. A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. We are the RainMakers of our life!

Welcome to Ek Kahani and explore the world from a different angle.

Unleash the 'Phenomenal YOU!

Udayan Bakshi - Founder

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